YUKIMASA IDA Crystallization|OIL by 美術手帖

Applications will be Accepted from June 2 through June 30 from All Over the World!

Yukimasa IDA | Crystallization

Yukimasa Ida to Publish a Collection of Works from his Twenties

“YUKIMASA IDA : Crystallization”, the first domestic series of collected works by up and coming artist Yukimasa Ida, just turned 30, will be published by Bijutsu Shuppan-Sha on June 2nd. In addition to nearly 150 works he created in his 20s during his rush to stardom, the book will also include a fold-out of his masterwork Hakoniwa - Souzoteki na Guui (Miniature Garden - Creative Allegory -), over 10 meters in size. The large format tome showing the bold brushwork in detail will provide an extravagant chance to experience his world of art.

Applications will be Accepted from June 2 through June 30 from All Over the World!

[Special Edition Cover Work] YUKIMASA IDA Crystallization
2020, Oil on canvas, 2.9×6.4m(364×259mm each)

Special Edition | Cover

Special Edition with 200 different covers - lets you take an actual piece of his work in your hands.

The limited Special Edition comes in a unique format that features part of a 2.9×6.4m oil painting (Crystallization 2020, Oil on canvas) by Ida as the cover of each copy. The large canvas was split into 200 pieces and each was used as the cover to bind one of the 200 limited Special Edition copies, making each unique. The Special Edition is available for reservation only via this website.

The artist at work in his studio. The oil painting used for the cover is a massive 6.4 meters wide.

Cover of the Special Edition. 364×259mm pieces of the original painting are used for each cover.

Special Edition | Panel

A print made possible by new technology

The Special Edition comes with a print of Ida’s work, ”Portrait” (20 editions in 10 colors) made possible with cooperation from Ricoh’s proprietary and revolutionary “StareReap 2.5” technology that could be called the next generation of lithography. In addition to the size and color tonality, even the texture and feel were adjusted to express Ida’s vision. (Please note that the colors are chosen at random and cannot be selected.)

Yukimasa IDA | Crystallization [Special Edition]


[200 Special Editions]

The boxed set will include one copy of the Special Edition book, one print, and a poster featuring the entire work from which the covers were created.

Crystallization [Special Edition book] (364×259mm)


《Crystallization》Poster (486×1055mm)

The boxed set will include one copy of the Special Edition book, one print, and a poster featuring the entire work from which the covers were created.

Author Yukimasa Ida
First Edition June 2, 2020
Published by Bijutsu Shuppan-sha Co., Ltd.
List price 300,000 yen + tax
Set contents Special Edition book (284 pages, 364×259mm format, original cover painting), Print (227×158mm format, 20 editions in 10 colors), Cover painting poster (486×1055mm)

How to buy

The special edition will be made available by lottery. Submit an application during the application period with your choice of cover piece in priority of one through five. Please note that the included print will be selected randomly.

* Application period: June 2 through June 30
*For inquiries about this event, please contact by email. We do not accept inquiries by telephone. Inquiries e-mail address: Ginzareply@ccc.co.jp

A one time exhibit of all Special Edition with 200 different covers

Dates June 2 (Tue.) 2020 - June 30 (Tue.) 2020
Open Hours 11:30~19:30
Cooperation IDA Studio, Bijutsu shuppan-sha
Yukimasa IDA | Crystallization


[Standard Edition]

Large-format collection of works by Yukimasa Ida in his 20s. Now available at OIL by Bijutsu-Techo and book stores nationwide.

Author Yukimasa Ida
Published by Bijutsu Shuppan sha
List price 10,000 yen + tax
ISBN: 978-4-568-105322 C3070
Format 284 pages, 364×259mm,
Release date June 2, 2020
Yukimasa IDA | Profile


1990 Born in Tottori Prefecture
2016 Graduates from Tokyo University of the Arts with a major in painting
2019 Completes a master’s degree in painting at Tokyo University of the Arts

The underlying theme of Ida’s work is “ICHI-GO ICHI-E (once-in-a-lifetime encounters)”. The artists sets out to express the never-recurring “now”, not only in his two-dimensional works but in a variety of other forms.

-Major Solo Exhibitions

2020 King of Limbs (Kaikai Kiki Gallery, Tokyo)
2019 Rhapsody (Mayfair Salon, Fabien Fryns Fine Art, London)
Portraits (Ginza Atrium, Tokyo)
The End of Today (The Temple Hotel, Fabien Fryns Fine Art, Beijing)
2018 Yukimasa Ida Solo Show in ASIA NOW (ASIA NOW, Fabien Fryns Fine Art, Paris)
2017 Bespoke (Labassa Woolfe, London)

-Major Group Exhibitions

2019 Gaze and Distance (KOTARO NUKAGA, Tokyo)
2017 Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Auction (Saint Tropez)
2016 Kohei Nawa Selection: CAF Award Selected Exhibition (Anteroom, Kyoto)
VOCA Exhibition 2016 (The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo)

-Major Awards

2018 Forbes JAPAN “30 UNDER 30”
2016 CAF Award, Special Jury Award

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